Summerlin Neighborhoods with Great Strip Views

Are you in search of the perfect blend of luxurious living and stunning panoramic views of the Las Vegas Strip? Look no further! Summerlin, the renowned master-planned community nestled on the western edge of Las Vegas, offers an array of neighborhoods that promise to sweep you off your feet.

Picture waking up to the glittering lights of the iconic Las Vegas Strip, sipping your morning coffee while gazing at this world-famous skyline. It’s not a dream; it’s the reality that Summerlin has to offer. In this blog post, we will delve into the Summerlin neighborhoods that provide you with the opportunity to experience the magic of the Strip right from your own backyard.

Read on to discover the Summerlin neighborhoods that boast remarkable Strip views and find your perfect place to call home in this vibrant and picturesque community. Let’s embark on a journey through the neighborhoods that redefine luxury living in Las Vegas.

The Ridges: Where Luxury Meets Scenic Beauty

The Ridges is widely regarded as one of the most exclusive and sought-after neighborhoods not only in Summerlin but in all of Las Vegas. This luxurious community is situated in the southwestern part of Summerlin. It is known for its breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Strip, the Red Rock Mountains, and the surrounding desert.

Envision your mornings beginning with a breathtaking panorama of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, or picture yourself savoring a glass of wine in the evening, surrounded by the mesmerizing spectacle of the city’s dazzling lights. The Ridges, a prestigious enclave, delivers precisely these experiences and beyond. With its gated community ensuring your privacy and homes strategically perched on elevated terrain, The Ridges offers its residents unparalleled, sweeping vistas.

Here, you’ll discover a harmonious fusion of opulent living and the unmatched beauty of the natural landscape, an extraordinary combination that’s seldom found elsewhere.

Lifestyle at The Ridges

The Ridges offers not only stunning views but also a wide range of amenities and recreational opportunities for its residents. The Bear’s Best Las Vegas Golf Course, designed by legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus, is an integral part of this community. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy world-class golfing right at their doorstep.

Besides golf, several parks and trails cater to outdoor enthusiasts. You can hike, take a leisurely walk, or simply enjoy the fresh air amidst the stunning desert landscape. Additionally, the Summerlin area is known for its excellent schools, making it an ideal choice for families.

Regarding real estate in The Ridges, you’ll find a diverse range of architectural styles, from modern to Mediterranean, allowing you to select a home that suits your taste and lifestyle.

Red Rock Country Club: Golf and Glittering Lights

Nestled within the heart of Summerlin, the Red Rock Country Club stands as a testament to luxury living with breathtaking Strip views. This exclusive enclave is cocooned within a secure, guard-gated community, providing not only access to world-class golfing but also the privilege of residing in homes where the vistas of the dazzling Strip lights are truly enchanting.

Here, you can wake up to the sight of the sunrise casting a warm glow on the Red Rock Mountains while the Las Vegas Strip gleams in the distance. The juxtaposition of the natural beauty of the mountains and the man-made wonder of the Strip is simply awe-inspiring.

Lifestyle at Red Rock Country Club

For golf enthusiasts, Red Rock Country Club offers two championship golf courses designed by Arnold Palmer. The courses are not only challenging but also offer some of the most picturesque fairways you’ll find anywhere. Playing golf with a backdrop of the Las Vegas Strip is an experience like no other.

The club extends its amenities to include exquisite dining choices, tennis courts for enthusiasts, inviting swimming pools, and state-of-the-art fitness facilities, guaranteeing that residents can indulge in a diverse array of recreational pursuits.

Should you wish to explore beyond the community’s borders, a brief drive will lead you to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. There, you can immerse yourself in nature, traverse scenic hiking trails, and marvel at the captivating splendor of the Mojave Desert’s landscape.

Tournament Hills: Tranquility with a View

Situated within the larger Summerlin community, Tournament Hills is a beautiful and peaceful neighborhood known for its luxury estates and, of course, its captivating views. Many of the homes in this neighborhood offer breathtaking vistas of both the Red Rock Mountains and the Las Vegas Strip.

Tournament Hills epitomizes the ideal fusion of peaceful serenity and easy access to the vibrant city life. Here, you can relish the calm and elegance of an impeccably maintained, upscale neighborhood while remaining just a brief drive away from the world-renowned entertainment, dining, and shopping experiences that have made Las Vegas a global icon.

Lifestyle in Tournament Hills

Tournament Hills offers a serene and secure environment for its residents. The guard-gated entrance ensures safety and privacy. The streets are lined with beautifully landscaped properties, and the neighborhood exudes an air of sophistication.

For those with an appreciation for life’s exquisite pleasures, Tournament Hills surpasses expectations. The residences within this neighborhood are often distinguished by their grandeur and offer a wealth of top-tier amenities. From private pools that invite relaxation to expansive gourmet kitchens that cater to culinary indulgence, residing in Tournament Hills epitomizes the pinnacle of luxury living.

Arrowhead Estates: A Hidden Gem with Scenic Delights

Arrowhead Estates is indeed a hidden gem within the Summerlin community. Nestled in an elevated location, this neighborhood offers spacious homes with incredible Strip views. Living here is like having a secret vantage point from which to enjoy the iconic Las Vegas Strip lights at night.

Arrowhead Estates boasts a distinctive quality of offering seclusion and serenity, all while being conveniently close to the vibrant energy of the Las Vegas Strip. This community is thoughtfully nestled away from the commotion, granting you the opportunity to escape to your very own private sanctuary whenever the need arises.

Lifestyle in Arrowhead Estates

The lifestyle in Arrowhead Estates is all about tranquility and simplicity. The neighborhood features well-maintained streets and homes with generous lot sizes, giving residents a sense of space and freedom. If you enjoy gardening or outdoor activities, you’ll find plenty of room to express your creativity.

Arrowhead Estates is also known for its community spirit. Residents often come together for various social events and gatherings, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to connect with neighbors and build lasting friendships.

The Summit Club: Unparalleled Luxury and Views

For those in pursuit of the highest echelons of luxury and exclusivity, The Summit Club stands as an exceptional choice. This private enclave, safeguarded by vigilant gates, sets a new standard for opulence, boasting some of the most luxurious residences not only within Summerlin but across the entirety of Las Vegas. The magnetism of The Summit Club extends beyond its lavish homes, encompassing breathtaking panoramic views of the Las Vegas Strip and the majestic surrounding mountains.

Living in The Summit Club is a statement of prestige and sophistication. The homes here are architectural marvels, designed to impress even the most discerning homeowners. Picture yourself in a palatial estate, enjoying world-class amenities and services while soaking in breathtaking Strip views.

Lifestyle at The Summit Club

The Summit Club takes luxury living to a whole new level. Residents here have access to a private golf course designed by Tom Fazio, a luxurious clubhouse, fine dining options, spa facilities, and concierge services that cater to their every need. It’s a lifestyle that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

The Summit Club fosters a tight-knit community of kindred spirits who value life’s finer pleasures. The exclusiveness of this neighborhood ensures that you are among peers who share your enthusiasm for the epitome of luxury living and the unparalleled experiences that Las Vegas has in store.

Conclusion: Your Dream Home Awaits

As we conclude our journey through Summerlin’s neighborhoods with breathtaking Strip views, one thing is crystal clear; this community is a true gem for those who desire the perfect blend of luxury living and mesmerizing cityscapes.

From the tranquil elegance of Tournament Hills to the secluded haven of Arrowhead Estates and the unparalleled opulence of The Summit Club, Summerlin offers a diverse range of options to cater to every discerning homeowner’s tastes and desires. It’s time to take the next step toward making your dream a reality. Explore these Summerlin neighborhoods, experience their charm, and let the enchanting Strip views become a part of your everyday life. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to call Summerlin home; a place where luxury and the allure of the Strip converge seamlessly. Your dream lifestyle awaits!

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